Trying to Eat Better?

At Calypso, you can satisfy your hunger while keeping your wellness goals!


Ordered the right way, you can spend less than 10 bucks, and spend less than 10 Pro Points on the Weight Watchers* plan!

At Calypso, you can satisfy your hunger while keeping your wellness goals! One Black Bean Salad provides 60% of your daily Vitamin C and fiber needs, 168% Vitamin C, and a whopping 43 grams of healthy, lean protein!

Whether you are following a structured program like Weight Watchers or you have designed one on your own, we want to help you! We have published our growing list of menu items with nutritional information and points calculations.


We have you covered at Calypso!

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Gluten Free** at Calypso

We updated our famous chicken spice mix and it’s now… GLUTEN FREE!!! The vast majority of our menu items are now options for our gluten intolerant customers! See our nutritional information:

Click Here for Nutritional Information Including Gluten Free Items

Food Allergies?

We strive to keep our table for allergy sufferers as current as possible, but occasionally we have menu additions and alterations. We welcome your messages to Allison about ingredients:

All menu items are TRANS FAT and MSG-Free. Vegan items are indicated on the menu with a V icon. Soups with a meat base or that include meat are specifically mentioned in the title or description.

Click here for food allergy information. Note: The list of ingredients is a PDF file. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Click Here To Download.

Vegetarian or Vegan?

Please check out our V icons on the menu
for our numerous vegan options

Calypso is the perfect place to satisfy both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Our Black Bean Salad with rice is a huge hit with vegetarians, and our Beans and 3 plate gives you a sampling of our variety of side items. With the exception of some of our soups, all our side items are vegetarian, and most are also vegan (Vegan items clearly marked with icon on menu). We can also customize items for you…Vegans LOVE our Homemade Veggie Burger on 100% whole wheat sandwich round or hearty Black Bean Salad with rice and no dairy…yum.

Low Fat or Low Carb?

Trying to lose body fat? Low Fat continues to deliver results.

Please check out our heart icons on the menu
for our numerous low-fat options

But Low Carb is effective too and many find it easier to follow:

Click Here For An NPR article on a New Study About Low Carb Diets.

Choose the approach you can sustain!

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We are all reading about nutrition… the rules seem to change daily! It can be confusing, but Calypso has served the Nashville area with the same healthy dishes for over 27 years throughout countless diet trends. No question, eating a high fiber diet rich in protein, nutrients, and colorful produce is good for you, but you also need to satisfy your desires… you deserve to enjoy your food!

You will see our ingredients over and over again in health-related columns: lean chicken, beans, tomatoes, onion, green leaf lettuce (never iceberg at Calypso!), fresh fruit, mustard greens, sweet potatoes, corn, cabbage, carrots, almonds, tuna, etc. We also use generous amounts of spices known to have countless health benefits including garlic and peppers. Many items can be tailored to fit your needs: vegans often order the Black Bean Salad without dairy or we can make this fantastic salad low-fat and lower in calories by taking away the chips and dairy. Our legendary Lucayan Salad can be trimmed down by substituting the Lite Vinaigrette dressing (but don’t cut the almonds, THEY’RE SO GOOD FOR YOU!). Best of all, even with these modifications, you will not be hungry!

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**We know that some folks are extremely allergic to gluten, and we want to make certain that our customers understand our spices and our ingredients are often stored in warehouses and facilities where exposure to flour dust is unavoidable.